Two of a kind

If you like Pear, you will like the full flavor of our TWO of a KIND. It is very good served room temperature, chilled and even warmed up in the fall.

Two of A Kind


RAZZ, it is a wonderful flavor of Raspberry. This is a popular fruit wine. It is requested often as the bottle to be dipped for the chocolate covered bottles of wine.


Purple Mustache . This is your Concord Grape wine. Remember when you were a child and drank grape juice? We always had that purple mustache.

Purple Mustache

traditional wine with the rich Blackberry Flavor. 


This wine has a beautiful Cabernet taste. It is the dark red in color and dry enough but not too dry. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

Juja's Jug is made with three berrys; blueberry, blackberry, & Red Raspberry that are mixed and processed a bit different with other ingredients to give a rich warm taste.

Juja's Backyard Jug



Apple wine is finished with a cinnamon stick to give a flavor of Fall. This is a wine that can be enjoyed Warmed up, room temperature or chilled. 



This is a very pretty pink wine that is not real sweet or real dry.

It is a good wine for taking to an evening when not sure how sweet or how dry to take.



The French Diamond is a blush color and has a semi sweet level of sweet. It defiantly has a grape flavor.

French Diamond

Bog Berry. It is a Cranberry wine.We have a traditional flavor of cranberry that is tart like cranberry juice. The other has just enough sugar to take the tart edge off.

Bog Berry

"Girls Best Friend"the name came because it is made with white Diamond grapes is a sweet white and is loved by many. 

A Girls Best Friend


What to say about NOT SO CAB;

this is a Cabernet that did not finish working. we tried to restart but the flavor was good so we left it as is. For the dry drinkers, it starts dry ends with a  sweet finish. For sweet drinkers, it starts sweet and finishes dry. You be the judge, a good wine for a mixed crowd of sweet & dry.

Not So Cab


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O'Fred. We have taken the Fredonia grape juice and added a hint of citrus to give this red wine a twist of its own.


Tutti Frutti has many different fruit flavors in it but it is made with a Hybrid Grape. It is a sweet wine, not a grapy flavor but fruity.

Tutti Frutti

This dry white wine has a mild flavor that is pleasant and truly does not leave  bitter dryness to the taste buds.

Sauvignon Blanc